Best antivirus for iPhone (2018)

One of the general misconceptions in the technology world is that Apple devices are more secure than other hardware and operating systems. For years, people have believed that the Cupertino-based tech company’s software is far superior to rivals like Windows and Android in this respect.

If you own an Apple product, perhaps you’re one of these folks. Your view may be that your iPhone doesn’t need third-party antivirus software to keep hackers at bay. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. Apple has been caught up in security incidents in the past, and the iPhone has been one of its most affected products.

A year ago, the company had to release an emergency software update after iOS was left exposed to a Wi-Fi flaw. Through an exploit in the Broadcom wireless chip, hackers could take full control of an iPhone. And of course iPhones, iPads and Macs were vulnerable to the Spectre security vulnerability.

Of course, Apple does rush to fix such flaws – in both of the aforementioned cases, the company rolled out updates within a couple of days. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your iPhone is completely safe from malware or hackers. Luckily, though, there’s plenty of free antivirus software out there to turn your smartphone into an impenetrable fortress.

1. Avira Mobile Security

2. McAfee Mobile Security

3. Norton Mobile Security

4. Lookout Mobile Security

5. MobiShield


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